Pala Resort Central Plant Upgrade

Pala Resort and Spa, located 24 miles from Oceanside, has undergone a major upgrade via the addition of new central plants and rooftop cooling systems. The new central plant provides 750-ton centrifuge chillers to feed the facility’s renovated rooftop units. Additionally, the existing HVAC systems have been replaced with high-efficiency DX chilled water compartments. This upgrade includes the construction of an added central utility plant next to the parking structure, along with a new distribution pipe system on the roof.

NIC Consultants provided structural services for the project. The scope of structural services we provided includes the design of reinforced masonry and steel utility plants, pads, chillers, pumps, housekeeping pads, switchboards, control panels, peripheral systems, pipe hangers, rooftop boilers, seismic braces, and support for the main rooftop pipeline. McParlane & Associates issued the MEP design for Trane.