DSA Closeout Services for PYLUSD

NIC Consultants, in collaboration with Studio Plus Architects, have assisted Placentia & Yorba-Linda Unified School District (PYLUSD) in the successful completion of the necessary closeout process for several K-12 projects in the District. NIC engineering team reviewed the as-builts and other available data to narrow down the non-conforming issues for each project. Based on our familiarity and experience with the process, NIC developed and presented step-by-step work plans to the District that were specifically tailored to noncertified buildings, such as MPR Building, Athletic Clubhouses, Canopies, Shades, and Trellis. The implemented approach consisted of; review of AP letters, searching DSA and District archives for missing documents, in-depth review of the record drawings, conducting field survey, collection relevant data, documentation of the physical conditions of unresolved issues, preparation of supportive structural calculations and relevant details, developing structural plans, filling the necessary forms; such as DSA-311 & DSA-312, attending DSA sessions, proposing/overseeing limited site investigation as necessary to complete DSA-314 form, submitting DSA-6 to conclude the closeout process. NIC has helped the District to successfully complete the closeout process in a timely manner and secure certification letters for all of its assigned projects.