Westminster USD, Multiple School Modernization Projects

The modernization program adopted by Westminster Unified School District (WUSD) included three separate school sites; Hayden, Fryberger, and Meairs elementary schools. Each site consists of an Admin building, MPR, several classroom buildings, a Kindergarten, a Library. The scope of modernization mainly includes; addition of new rooftop HVAC units, placing new screen walls around the added units, new on-grade MEch/Elec equipment, and replacement of exterior windows. Additionally, the scope includes a wide range of alteration within the interior spaces, such as; relocating/closing door openings, upgrading the ceiling system and light fixtures, adding water fountains, new fence, and other miscellaneous site work.

NIC Consultants provided a comprehensive array of structural engineering services, including; field survey, developing structural as-builts, developing carefully optimize design approaches that are specifically tailored to the various building types to support new rooftop units/screens, implementing feedbacks and close coordination with other disciplines, developing drawings, sections, details for construction document, DSA plan check, and Construction admin services. The Architectural services were performed by PBK. All projects successfully received DSA approval within the intended schedule and allocated budget.