Evaluation and Upgrade Services

NIC consultants provide a comprehensive array of structural engineering services for existing buildings. These may include all or a combination of different tasks including; field visits, data collection and recording, structural evaluation, reporting of the findings, structural upgrade, seismic strengthening, and retrofit of the existing systems. Our team possess the knowledge and the experience necessary to deal with a variety of different systems, including concrete, wood, masonry, and steel structures.

We have in-depth knowledge of the applicable code requirements and application of Performance-Based criteria for existing buildings. Our experts have technical competence necessary to perform sophisticated analytical studies. Our evaluation approach is carefully tailored to various site conditions and utilizes state-of-knowledge methods to provide performance-based evaluation approach using FEMA and ATC guidelines and ASCE standards for our projects. We are certified to use the USRC rating in conjunction with use of ASTM and HAZUS to develop PML evaluation reports.

Our systematic approach and attention to details has led to early and successful detection of any structural deficiency. Using the state-of-art analytical and innovative approaches have enabled NIC consulting team to routinely combine conventional techniques with advanced technologies for seismic evaluation and upgrade of existing buildings. which results in cost-effective and most suitable solutions. Our unique approach to seismic upgrade has led to development of most suitable solutions that avoid interruption in the ongoing building occupancy and successful completion of our projects within the budget.

NIC managing principal, Mr. TJ Eimani, has been in charge of structural evaluation and strengthening of various projects for Public Clients such as Counties, LAUSD, OSHPD, DSA, UC & CSU systems, among others.


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